Meet The Rad Trads...

By the Numbers:

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The Rad trads are a uniquely strong investment in an unstable world of music business.

1. Strong touring history and infrastructure: 

We all know that the model for a successful band means they must stay on the road. In less than 3 years, the Rad Trads have introduced themselves to almost every major American market, and on an unprecedented scale for a young band internationally. The reason for this is not just because the band leader has also built his own name as a respected booking agent , but because the band always puts on a great show and every promoter they have worked with requests their return. 

2. Strong leadership

3. High creative output

4 of the 6 members of the band write songs for the group. That means the band is experiencing new material at 4 times the rate of a band with just one writer. The balance of this also takes the pressure off any one person to carry all the creative weight. All members participate in the arrangments and instrument parts.

The Music: